Our Promise
& Guarantee.

Our breast implants products come with lifetime cover. Replacement breast
implants are provided at no additional cost for verified warranty claims.

Confidence & Lifetime
Product Cover.

All GCA products are produced at our own ISO 13485 certified factories in France and the United Kingdom. This gives us control over our own quality assurance. We have over 30 years of product and market knowledge of market through our leading brands Eurosilicone & Nagor.

& Development.

We pride ourselves on being a partner to medical professionals
and feel it’s part of our role to empower and educate.


Our Ethos

As a leading provider of breast implants, our ethos is to empower individuals to make a well informed and life-changing body confidence transformation. As a brand founded on building trust we’re proud of our customer testimonials which show we’re a brand that delivers and supports its customers.



by Nagor

  • Smooth or Nagotex Mid-textured surface.
  • SiloGard 360° Barrier Shell.
  • Extensive choice of fully filled profiles with 38 size options.
  • SiloGel Twist: 6th generation soft form stable high cohesive silicone gel


by Nagor

  • Nagotex® Mid-textured Surface.
  • Tapered edges for less visibility and palpability.
  • Firm upper pole for shape maintenance and higher projection for added lift.
  • SiloGard 360° Barrier and SiloGel form stable high cohesive gel.


by Eurosilicone

  • 12 different configurations with 233 variations.
  • Shell surface: Smooth or Cristalline Micro-textured.
  • Silicone gel ParaGel: Soft Cohesive or Natural Cohesive.
  • ParagelGard 360° Barrier Layer.

The Matrix

by Eurosilicone

  • Tapered edges for less visibility and palpability.
  • Firm upper pole for shape maintenance and higher projection for added lift.
  • ParaGel form stable high cohesive silicone gel and ParagelGard 360° Barrier Layer.
  • Cristalline Micro-textured


Gluteal implants by Nagor

  • Highly cohesive, form stable gel for a natural look.
  • More precision placement with optimised orientation dot markers.
  • Optimized ratio between projection and base width.
  • Radio-Opaque horizontal orientation line marker (anatomical only) to assist with surgical pocket placement and visualisation on X-Ray.


The healing power of silicone for scar management.

  • Visibly reduces the dimensions of scars (length,width and height).
  • Fades the red colouration of scars.
  • Changes the consistency of the scar to produce softer tissue.
  • Improvement in the appearance of their scar within 16 weeks.

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Nagor and Eurosilicone implants are compliant with the following standards: ISO 10993 (Biological evaluation of medical devices), ISO 14630 (Non-active surgical implants — General requirements) and ISO 14607 (Non-active surgical implants — Mammary implants — Particular requirements).

Both brands of breast implants are strong and durable.

Cyclically fatigue tested (three times per second) under an applied compression out to 2-million cycles, 24-hours a day for over a week.

Statically Compression tested to test out the variables around product failure linked to the implant size.

Covered by current long – term vigilance data indicates an extremely low shell rupture rate; for example: 0.111% for IMPLEO™ and 0.2% for the textured Round Collection  (data on file).

*This information is only applicable to breast implants .